Our Customer Commitment

Our Pledge to our Customers...

Our 5-star promise to you reaches much higher than our elevators. Americana Elevators intends to ensure that your experience will encompass, the best of our abilities to deliver the most comprehensive customer service possible. That is the pledge of every team member at Americana Elevators. We have outlined our responsibilities and how we will fulfill them in our 5-star promise, known as our Customer Commitment.

  • 1. Lowest Priced Installation
    Offering the lowest installation available. Please note our commitment is to help match you with the best product that meets your specific project needs, which may not always be the lowest price available. Our customer should never be sold something they don’t need. Hitting some big financial goal doesn't ignite our passion. Getting a great review or a thank you email is what we aim for. Although we fundamentally believe in solid financial principles, money will never bring us a sense of accomplishment.
  • 2. Transparency and Communication
    Notifying you of known delays in manufacturing, our services or deliveries. We will provide full and timely information on the status of known delays once we become aware of the change in the status of your equipment. Before delays occur, Americana Elevator has a comprehensive plan designed to forecast and adjust to operational challenges to minimize delays. The Operations/Customer Center (OCC) at Americana's headquarters is responsible for the daily execution of this plan, while keeping in mind the safety and well being of our employees. We have developed a detailed plan, with established trigger points, to account for the times when unforeseen constraints will cause delays.

    Are we perfect? No. But striving to find the ideal way to communicate with you will always be a work in progress. Our system allows you to always be able to talk to us on the phone, by email, text message, etc. and we are continually focusing on ways to improve. Whether we're answering emails at 9 PM or 2 AM, we will never hide from a client, or programmatically design a way to make it difficult to talk to a real person. Our phone number is at the top of every single web page. We don't have phone trees, and every time you call you will find the person answering the phone will have the knowledge to answer your question. We are proud to have created a "New Way to Elevate"and make your interaction with us as seamless as possible.
  • 3. Sustainability
    Americana Elevator's operations considers to promote the health, welfare, and productivity of the individuals and communities we employ and serve. We have our own course forward to have a meaningful impact on the areas we encounter, while mitigating the impact our business has on our environment for future generations.
  • 4. Clean Workspace
    We shall always maintain a clean workspace on any jobsite we occupy. This includes us being quick to clean up loose materials and debris, sweeping our workspace before the day's over and eating only in designated areas. We will always keep our materials in neat stockpiles and last we promise to NEVER SMOKE INSIDE THE BUILDING.
  • 5. Safety
    We recognize that employing an effective safety program is in the mutual inrerest of every person on each project. Therefore, it is our practice to take all practical steps to maintain a safe workplace at all times. Our strive is to conduct our operations in the safest manner as we occupy any space on your jobsite. Our employees will always arrive at your project with the proper training, personal protective equipment and a full awareness of your policies.

  • If for some odd reason we failed at keeping our promise please feel free to let us know, so we can continue to improve our services to you.

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