An AmericanaMod

Having an efficient elevator system is an important part of your building’s infrastructure and for that reason, at Americana Elevator we maintain a staff exclusively assigned only to Modernizations. Our dedicated Modernization team will perform a complete pre-modernization evaluation of your equipment to carefully determine if its time to upgrade your components or plan for a complete modernization of your elevator. We recognize your responsibilities to your tenants. We understand the inconvenience of renovations and identify ways to keep them to a minimum for tenants and visitors alike. We know you have other obligations and we offer solutions that will work within your schedule and budget. The core of an AmericanaMod is to:

  • Extend your elevator’s life cycle
  • Improve your elevator’s reliability
  • Enhance your elevator’s aesthetics
  • Increase your property value

Our Modernization team will carefully guide you through the entire process of modernizing your equipment. From a simple upgrade to a compelte overhaul.

Give our modernization experts a call today at 1-855-545-2088