About us

We are the land of the Proprietary Free elevator and home to most Affordable elevator installation.

About our image... If an eagle has appeared, it bestows freedom and courage to look ahead. The eagle is symbolic of the importance of honesty and truthful principles. It symbolizes power and freedom.
Hey we're offering you a New Way to Elevate… We're confident you will like it!

We understand elevators and business. We know delays are costly. How? Our team members are building owners and property development investors too! Americana Elevator has a comprehensive plan designed to forecast and adjust to operational challenges to minimize delays. We have developed a detailed plan, with established trigger points, to account for those times when unforeseen constraints will cause delays.

We recognize the bottom line. We don’t need to oversell with phrases like “combined experience of 40 years” we don’t have 20 employees with 2 years’ experience. We are honest mechanics who worked hard all of lives, started as apprentices, listened to customers at the most entry level of the elevator industry and carried those concerns to form a company that responds to even the most simplest request. We do more than just install an elevator… We elevate your project 


We have a great team of patriot technicians and dedication to getting the job done is our passion. All of our team members work hard to better serve you and your projects.


We have the freedom to choose what we install and we pass those freedoms onto you and your customers. We install 100% Non-Proprietary equipment.


We are available to you 24 hours a days, 7 days a week. Our proven process is what allows us to offer the most competitive price in the industry. Give us a call 855-545-2088.

Unlike other elevator companies, we understand the business side of construction and how quick response times keep a project on schedule and maintain the financial health of each and every project. Our communication skills help reduce frustrations, delays and most importantly costly change orders. 

The elevators we install are fine products not money making schemes. You buy a phone; you pick your provider, same with our elevator. We Install a great elevator and allow you the freedom to select your service needs. Although we believe in solid financial principles, money will never bring us a sense of accomplishment. Dedication to getting the job done, our process & passion for elevators is what allows us to offer the most competitive price in the industry. We are the trade partner that is easy to work with in the field and at the office.

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