New Installation

Americana Elevator installs quality elevators to provide solutions for architects, builders, contractors, and equity firms.


After roof-dry in. Our dedicated and experienced licensed installation mechanics can begin installing your new elevator in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Our offices keeps a bird-eyes view and keenly monitors the quick progress of each installation and works closely with your project manager to coordinate an initial inspection without delay.


Our quick installation and operation process allows us to quickly get your elevator ready and turned over for public use. Bringing you one step closer to your certificate of occupancy.

How We Do It


Time is Money

We understand elevators and business. We know delays are costly. How? Our team members are building owners and property development investors too! Americana Elevator has a comprehensive plan designed to forecast and adjust to operational challenges to minimize delays. We have developed a detailed plan, with established trigger points, to account for those times when unforeseen constraints will cause delays.



We have the freedom to choose what equipment we install and we pass that freedom on to you. We install 100% Non-Proprietary equipment. We don't spend time programming your elevator to work only with specialized diagnostic equipment, secret passwords and instructions only available to our technicians like the "other guys". Putting the fundamental powers and restoring the liberties back to the building owners.



The elevators we install are fine products not money making schemes. You buy a phone; you pick your provider, same with our elevator. We Install a great elevator and allow you the freedom to select your service needs. Although we believe in solid financial principles, money will never bring us a sense of accomplishment. Dedication to getting the job done, our process & passion for elevators is what allows us to offer the most competitive price in the industry.

Our Easy 3-Step Process

1. Planning

We offer one of the most exclusive installations in the industry. Whether your project calls for a 2-stop hydraulic or 20-story traction elevator, Americana Elevators assigns your project a dedicated team of industry experts based on your scope's needs and desires. From bid clarifications to Final Drawings; your commissioned experts will work closely with your team and your other vendors to offer short wait times on preliminary shop drawings and employ our attentive style to allow us to quickly respond to RFIs and other important request. We understand time is money, so say goodbye to the days of checking your inbox multiple times waiting for a response and sending out that dreaded follow up email. It's time to start enjoying a more personalized services with an Americana Elevator installation.

  • We assign your project a dedicated team at the proposal stage
  • Get answers instantly through our interactive proposal
  • Customer-centric communication offers the shortest response time in the industry

2. Pre-Installation

This is where really get to shine and showcase our concierge style of service for your elevator. While your elevator is in its manufacturing stage, we work diligently with you on all other aspects and the behind-the-scene components of your elevator installation. Our permitting team and site coordinators will begin working with your project manager(s) on scheduling, delivery and storage needs.

  • Offer on-time delivery and the flexibility for your unexpected event
  • Quicker scheduled inspections
  • 100% accuracy on your Certificate of Operation

3. Installation (Take Flight)

"The Eagle has Landed..." announcement of our coined phrase signals opportunity has met preparation. We ask that you buckle up before we take flight. We quickly deploy our field crew out to your project site to accept or properly store your brand new elevator. Our field crew lays the ground work so our skilled certified elevator technicians can arrive and begin to work diligently to install your elevator on time and under budget. Because of our proven process, there’s no need to call and request a final acceptance of your elevator...Your dedicated office team member will already have it all taken care of.

  • We simultaneously dispatch our dedicated field crew to take delivery of your new equipment and our mechanics to begin installing on the same day
  • Offer on-site training to your building personnel before public use
  • We perform white glove cleaning service to make sure your first-class cab is showroom ready Click here to read more.

Looking for a New Way to Elevate Your Next Project?

We’re establishing a new standard for excellence in elevator installation.