Freight Elevator System

We install freight elevators in all sizes, capacities and finishes to handle every factory, warehouse and industrial job in the most economical and efficient manner possible.


Your Americana Elevator representative will help you specify your elevator's size, capacity and speed for the most efficient and economical operation possible. The applications we install are designed and manufactured strictly in agreement with ANSI A17.1 according to the loading classifications shown here. Our custom options enable us to install practically anything you require, including hardwood flooring, special gauge walls and ceilings. Features include:

  • Non-skid steel platform
  • Solid metal 14-gauge top with safety exit
  • 14-gauge steel wall panels to full car height
  • Options for hydraulic or traction

  • Mike Schwimmer
  • 1-855-545-2088

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Class Type Description
General Freight Loading Where the load is distributed, the weight of any single piece is not more than ¼ the capacity of the elevator and the load is handled on and off the car platform manually or by means of hand trucks.
Motor Vehicle Loading The freight elevator is used solely to carry trucks or passenger automobiles up to the rated capacity of the elevator.
Industrial Truck Loading A four-wheeled vehicle may be used to load and unload the elevator. The combined weight of the vehicle and the load cannot exceed the rated capacity and may be rolled onto the platform as a single unit.
Industrial Truck Loading During loading and unloading, max load on the platform may be up to 150% of the rated capacity. This enables you to use a forklift to load a car with freight weighing up to the rated capacity.
Other Forms During the loading and unloading process, the rated capacity must never be exceeded.


10,000 lbs

A range of capacities to fit any size project


200 FPM

Available speeds up to 200fpm.


4'- 6"

Requires a small minimum pit size



Wide door sizes fit for any project.